About Paul


I am Paul Maus and I am asking for your vote to be the next state representative for the newly re-districted House Seat 20.

I am not a lifetime career politician and I don’t aspire to be. I am a small business owner, a veteran and taxpayer. I am a parent who believes that our children don’t deserve to be saddled with irresponsible debt ran up by an out of control government. I believe that our small businesses are being over-regulated to death!

My wife, Tammy, and I own several small business and know all too well how hard it is meet a payroll and the other demands of a business in these trying times.  I grew up around a family with strong entrepreneur ties, so becoming one myself was only to be expected.  Our family owned and operated local grocery stores that were the hub of community life.  These stores were very successful for decades of generations. Another grandfather was a successful dairy farmer who knew how to work hard to support his family and give back to the community. Becoming a small business owner is what I always aspired to be.  Today that freedom to start and operate a business is being threatened by legislation that does nothing to support small business.

I am a veteran who has proudly and honorably served this country as a Marine in the US Marine Corp. and Officer in the Oklahoma National Guard, 45th Infantry Brigade. I know how important our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is and you can be assured I will fight to protect that right.

I believe that our elected officials need to be available and hear from constituents more than just at election time.

I believe that every single child deserves to be taught to read before the end of third grade. I believe that a good education is key to lifetime success. Reading failure is the single biggest predictor of crime. Statistics show, when kids can read, they become educated taxpayers. When they can’t read, they become a burden to the taxpayers through the criminal justice system.


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