Here are some issues Paul is passionate about.  Paul wants to know what you are you passionate about. Let Paul know, and volunteer today to make a difference.  Together we can make a difference.

Limited Government

Paul believes the size and scope of our government is out of control. We have gotten too far way from the ideals of our founding fathers. Government’s primary responsibility is to protect us from each other and from our common enemies. Sometimes through compassion, but often for pursuit of power, we have gradually drifted from the principles of government upon which we were founded. Paul does not believe in anarchy but believes we need to try to find our way back to the level of freedom our founders craved, risked their lives for, and won after much bloodshed. In our businesses and in our lives we are seeing government ever-encroaching further and further upon our freedoms and liberties and the time to do something is now before it is too late.

Family Values

Raised with strong Christian values and now with the greatest desire to provide the best possible world for his children to grow up in, Paul is convinced that we have a desperate need to bring our country back to those core principles upon which this great nation was founded.    He believes that personal integrity is what each individual should possess and character is what you do when nobody is looking.  Integrity has been a guiding principal in his life and you can be sure he will carry that with him with each decision he makes as your representative at the Capitol.  As a father of five, Paul’s opinion is that we need the government to protect us from each other and leave the raising of our families to us.  Not only are we kicking God out of everything but we are replacing this void with nonsense and cultural propaganda to move our society to a point which a very small percentage of self-appointed “I know better than you” experts feel we should go. It is time for this to stop and to elect leaders that will have the guts to stand up to these experts, and Paul will do just that.


You can immediately tell Paul’s passion for small business by reading his biography.  One of his greatest thrills in life has been to start a business with nothing and see it bloom into something special.  While not against big business, Paul’s heart is with the mom and pop shops that are just like his own. We need someone in the legislature to look out for and fight for the rights and freedoms of small business, which is the backbone of our state’s economy. Small business is the generator of many jobs throughout the state and is crucial to the success of small towns throughout this district.


Paul absolutely believes that teacher pay should be based on merit.  He also knows that in order for this to happen we need to make sure we are allowing our teachers to teach.  Our goal should be to make certain that all children are reading by the end of the third grade so that they can then read to learn.  It is then when we can begin to make certain that we are graduating students prepared for a future as taxpayers.  The alternative is to keep sticking our heads in the sand and failing to see the problem for what it is.  Reading failure is guaranteed to produce adults who are dependent on the system because they are not able to live up to their full potential.  This will reduce incarceration rates that will decrease expense to taxpayers.


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